Ok, so I know it's very tempting....your favourite Uncle or Aunt or friend or whomever, takes a good photo. Professional photographers charge a sizeable amount of money, and you only have a limited budget for your wedding day, so it seems like a good idea.

However...it puts an enormous amount of pressure on your relative, particularly as you only have one wedding day, and you want your photos to be perfect. Will they produce an unbiased collection of images from your day, or will they mostly be of their side of the family?

Will they have the technical knowledge, and equipment for different lighting situations?

Will they still be interested in taking the important photographs throughout the day, after they have had their wonderful meal and a few drinks or would they rather be relaxing and chatting to friends and relatives they haven't seen for a while?

Will they be able to design a beautiful bespoke album or photobook for you?

Will they actually have time to edit the hundreds of images they will take, or will you have to wait for what seems like forever?

Will you want to take that risk?

Think of professional wedding photography as an investment, a beautiful album will last a lifetime, and is something you can proudly show your children and grandchildren in years to come.

Think about it.....but not for too long;  2016 peak weekends are filling up fast!

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